Pastor's Blog - February 2012

I Will Not Go Down in Defeat


As a Pastor you meet some wonderful people, people who leave a lasting imprint on your life.  One of those people for me was the late Harold Rideout of Coley’s Point, Newfoundland. Harold was a true man of faith and a person who served God faithfully.   On December 26, 2011 Harold passed into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ whom he loved and served for many years.  Harold loved to write articles that inspired faith and hope in the life of God’s Children. Here is one such writing that he gave to me that have inspired me in the battles of my own life. It’s entitled; I will not go Down in Defeat!  


I Will Not Go Down in Defeat


“My ship is not only sailing in stormy weather but there is an enemy in pursuit of me who wants to destroy me. This crafty, deceitful, destroyer has under estimated my resolve to fight to the end of the conflict. Yes, Satan has tried to torpedo me, but I’m still afloat. I have taken a few direct hits from the enemy yet I can still fire back. All my gun turrets are still working and I have an unlimited supply of the most powerful ammunition known to man.


I want the enemy to know I’m not a floating derelict.  The storms I’ve encountered and the constant bombardment of the enemy may certainly challenge the flesh, but my spirit is determined to fight on because I believe that one day I shall sail into port and receive the medal of victory. The enemy wants me to admit defeat and scuttle the ship, but the command I’m getting from head-quarters is to keep moving ahead, keep firing and don’t turn back.


I have taken on water but it will not sink me. Some of my super structure has been blown away but the bridge is still solid. I’m still on course. I may not look very good, I need some repairs and some of my equipment has been knocked out, but the enemy cannot sever, intercept or decode any messages from my commander in chief. I’m faithfully following the orders that He has given me. I will never surrender or abandon the ship.”


Harold Rideout never abandoned ship; he was determined not to go down in defeat! Be encouraged friends today, despite the storms of life, remember the victory has already been won by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Let us be determined too that we will never go down in defeat.   

Thank you Harold for your words and your example … Rest in Peace!




Pastor Bess