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Low Dungeons!


These words are from a wonderful friend of mind, Harold Rideout, and though he is with the Lord his words still inspire me!

May they inspire you today!


God Bless You
Pastor Bess


Low Dungeons!


The bible tells us Jeremiah was put down into a dungeon. This dungeon belonged to Malchiah, the King’s son.  Malchiah was one of the princes who said, “let this man be put to death.1 Down in a dungeon with no food sinking in the mire would surely mean death for Jeremiah.


In all probability this dungeon was at one time a cistern to hold water, but now all that’s left is mud. Since it had no other use Malchiah though it would be a good way to get rid of Jeremiah, so what, let him die down in that hold.


I wonder how many more like Malchiah has a dungeon where they throw the people they don’t like, hoping that they will just perish. We may not have a literal, tangible dungeon, but psychologically we can still have one. A place we hold in our mind where we put people we don’t like.  Our pit may be a place just to forget people. a place where people will not annoy us. A place where we will not be exposed to their need, a place where they will be out of sight.


Our job like Ebedmelech is to lift people up out of the pit. 2 There are many that find themselves in a pit just because someone doesn’t like them or because of some calamity they have experienced.  Joseph asked the butler if he would intercede for his release from the dungeon because he had done no wrong but it was two years or more before the butler remembered him, 3 so easy to forget someone who is in a dungeon (prison). Jeremiah said; I called upon thy name. O LORD, out of the low dungeon. 4 It’s from some low point in our life that most of our calls are made.  David said of the Lord “He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock, and established my going.” 5 If you have a pit, or cistern don’t throw people in it but fill it with life giving water that will revive a thirsty soul.  That life giving water with a little love and compassion can lift us from the Low Dungeon to the solid Rock.


© From “One More Look” a commentary by Harold Rideout


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