ALLIANCE Youth Group
Thursday night is our regular youth night, which on most nights consist of a pre-service prayer time at 7pm followed by a service at 7:30pm. Following that time is an opportunity for some socializing and snacks from the youth canteen which is located downstairs in the youth room. This room is also used for youth activities and events, but also provides a unique location for teenagers to come hang out, do homework, and just have fun during the remainder of the week.

Aside from Thursday nights, other events have been established to not only create unity, but to also provide the youth with an opportunity to reach out to friends without having to bring them to the church building itself. On occasion, the boys have ball hockey at the L.S. Eddy gymnasium where they can invite their friends out for a night of fun.

It is our belief, along with the leadership of the church, that the next major movement of the Holy Spirit in the church and the surrounding area will be through the youth, as God raises them up from a life of darkness. However, to accomplish that goal, we must be in prayer that God will break through these walls which include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sex, physical abuse, etc., things which dominate not only the schools and youth of this town, but also this province. The words of Matthew 5:16 have never been a greater battle cry than in these dark days for young people. “…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Pastor Jason E. Burge